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Full Version: Kodi doesn't recognize Jdrama
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I'm trying to add a tv show not listed in TVDB.  It's from Japan.  It's called Jinsei wa Jojo Da  人生は上々だ (1995) and I have 11 episodes named according to Kodi conventions and in the correct folder.
Kodi won't recognized it as a TV Show.
Is there a way to import it into Kodi?
Is the show listed anywhere? - IMDB, TMDB?
Ok, found a line entry at IMDB, but nothing else... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1386180/?ref_=nv_sr_1

You have a two options. Unfortunately both involve work...

1. Create a free account at TVDB and add the show. This benefits the entire community
2. Create NFO_files (wiki) for the show which Kodi will scan into the library. Exactly the same as scraping, but using a local source instead.
I'll try to add it to tvdb.
Thank you, it helps everyone.
On the 19th, I created pages on thetvdb.com for Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta  and Jinsei Wa Jojo Da but it still isn't working.  Is there something wrong with the scraper, have I not waited long enough, or did I do something wrong?
I am just looking at the title... Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta その時、ハートは盗まれた [1992]

Have you used a combination of English and Japanese(?) names.

Would the English title be... Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta

and the Japanese title be... その時、ハートは盗まれた

But I will test and see what I come up with.
Firstly, when updating the TVDB, it can take a few hours for the updates to flow through the servers around the world. But your edits on the 19th are well and truly updated everywhere.

I named the tv show as ... Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta その時、ハートは盗まれた [1992] because that is how it is at TVDB. (we might need to fix that depending upon your answers above)
The episodes I named as... Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta その時、ハートは盗まれた [1992] S01E01

I had to modify my TVDB scraper settings. My primary language is set as English. I then set the fallback language as Japanese, and I was able to scrape the show.


To change your scraper settings...
1.navigate to Videos>Files.
2. Highlight the source that holds the TV show.
3. Call up the Context Menu
4. Select "Change Content"
5. Go to TVDB Settings and adjust settings.
I wasn't sure whether to use romaji (romanization of Japanese characters) or Japanese characters.  Both are commonly used so I used both, figuring that would be best for searchability.

Fixing the scraper settings in Kodi worked!  Thanks for the help!
(2018-02-22, 01:48)Pisomojado Wrote: [ -> ]romaji (romanization of Japanese characters)
Thanks for the education. I didn't know that Smile

I haven't added multi-language to TVDB, but I think they want the original japanese characters. Yes they do. I just checked... https://www.thetvdb.com/index.php?series...ncedsearch

So I or you can edit that title and reduce it to the Japanese Characters only. The year does not need to be there either, so we can remove that also. At TVDB, you only add the year if there is another show with the same title already on the site. eg... Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Galactica (2005)

We can also add the title as an English entry. What is the show name in English?
I am unable to edit the titles of the shows. From the best information I can find, the English translations are:

その時、ハートは盗まれた (Sono Toki Heart wa Nusumareta) = "Who Stole My Heart"
人生は上々だ (Jinsei Wa Jojo Da ) = "Life is Good" / "Friends in Need"
They are both fixed. Just be aware of that if you now try to scrape or re-scrape the titles into your library. You will have to modify the names of your TV Show and episode files to match the TVDB again.