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Full Version: Is there a way to have Kodi play the selected movie (.mkv) file through an Oppo-203?
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My current setup:
Intel NUC7i7BNH with Windows 10
Kodi 17.6
unRAID server (25TB) that stores all movies as .mkv files
Everything networked on 1GB lan.

NUC HDMI output goes to Oppo-203 HDMI input for upscaling
Oppo-203 HDMI ARC output to Marantz AV7702 for audio decode
Oppo-203 HDMI video output to Sony

I would like to have the Oppo play the selected movie file rather than the Kodi player or any other media player (e.g. MPC-HC) running on the NUC, because the Oppo does an excellent job of upscaling without a lot of fussing around.  Currently, any movie on the unRAID server can be played directly by the Oppo through its network interface, but the movies are displayed only as a basic folder/file structure.   Ideally, one could browse the movie library in Kodi and make a selection, which would trigger the oppo play the .mkv file from the unRAID server. 

Any ideas on how this could be done?

Thank you!
I searched around out of pure curiosity and found this, hope it helps https://yatse.tv/redmine/issues/94
If Kodi sees the Oppo as a valid UPnP end point then it should appear under Play using on the Context menu. If want it to always use the Oppo then you need to change the default player to be the Oppo, see https://kodi.wiki/view/advancedsettings.xml#video where the name you use is how it appears on the Context menu.
Did you ever get this working Nix?