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Full Version: 1080p Live TV stutters, possibly due to merge from 7/10/2017
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Hi all - 

I've been trying the new Kodi 18 builds, and found that 1080p Live TV is stuttering/buffering for me using the latest builds.  I've reproduced the issue on arm devices as well as x86_64.  Using the milhouse test builds for x86_64, I determined the issue begins with build #0710, which references a XBMC merge:

VideoPlayer updates (PR:12212, 98 commits, 203 files changed)

The pull request is directly related to buffering, so I'm almost 100% it is related to the issues I'm experiencing.  If this is the case, what can I do?  I don't want to be stuck on build #0709, because there are several new features in the latest builds that I want to take advantage of.  How feasible is it to compile one of the latest builds, but without this patch?
As you also asked at github (and got a reply), please follow the advice which was given there.

You can also ask the specific milhouse-threads where you got his builds from. He´s pretty active in them and I´m sure he will help you if you provide a logfile to him.
I appreciate the response, thank you very much!  Been trying to reach out to all the right people to help debug this, thank you for the pointers!
wrong thread - sorry