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Full Version: Music in (fuse) neue
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First of all, I would like to say that having tried lots of different skins and set ups in Kodi, I have finally and now always (upgrades permitting) use this skin.  It is great and has everything I need (ish).
After internet issues, I decided not to use Kodi for streaming but to play my downloads through.  
I have completed Movies and Tv Shows successfully but now music seems to have challenged me.  I have imported some of my music to test and I was wondering, if like movies shown in the screen grab below if it is possible for music.

Maybe I am missing something very obvious. 
Thank you in advance for the help though!
How is that different to Music screens? Post screenshots for comparison so we can see what you are referring to.
I cant at the moment as I am not at the PC in question.  But basically, instead of getting the artist or album background, I get the black Kodi background.  Then with info about the album (Like where there is a description about Indiana Jones) there is nothing there.
Now, am I being really thick, but I haven't set up the tagging.  Is that where I am going wrong?
Ok it sounds like you haven't set up the music library.

Have a read through the guide that will direct you on how to correctly set it up. It is recently overhauled and up to date. Parts that you can skip are clearly marked.

As the guide states, music works a bit differently to video. There are a couple more steps involved and your music files must be tagged

HOW-TO:Create_Music_Library (wiki)

The steps in Sect 2 & 3 is all you need, and the first page (music settings) shouldn't take longer than 30 seconds Smile
Now I get you.  At least I know now that it was my issue (of being lazy and not doing it properly).  Thank you for your patience!
No problems. Let us know if you get stuck.
I think I am still getting the same issue.  I just cant work out how the artist background doesnt show up.  I get the Kodi "basic" back ground as shown in the picture below (I cant screenshot)  Does CDArtwork work with (fuse) neue?
I guess where I am trying to get to is from the above for movies to the below:

Ok. Assuming you have the fanart, that is a skin issue. Sorry I don't use this skin, so others familiar with the skin will need to assist.

But looking at your screenshot without the fanart, you don't seem to be in music. Are you trying to view Music Videos?
I am trying to get a screen shot (my first issue that I cant get my head around)
I dont think I have the fan art - that is probably the issue.  How do I get that for music?  I have done the right tagging etc.
Did you follow the rest of that guide? If you have completed tagging in the wiki, then move onto the two pages in Section 3- Scanning, then Scraping in that order.

But to repeat my previous comment, are you working on Music or Music Videos. It just seems like that screenshot is from the Videos section of the library, though I could be wrong as I don't use this skin.
I am working on Music.  I cant screen shot at the moment so used Videos as an example.  I completed the Scan and Scrape - maybe I havent done it so it follows through to the skin.
Thanks for your help though!