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Full Version: Blu Ray Question
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Not sure if questions about playing BR rips be posted on Kodi forum, or LibreElec forum? However I'll try here first.

I have an ISO rip of a BR movie, which in Kodi offers me some options when I press play, namely
  • Play main title: 100
  • Play main title: 101
  • Select from all titles
  • Show Blu-ray menu

If I select BR menu, then I do get a fully working menu, however the movie itself will not play.
If I select main title, it does play, however I don't get any access to subtitles.

In both cases, if I stop, and come back to movie, it offers a "resume" or "start from beginning" choice, both of which take me into the BR menu, rendering it unplayable until I exit, then it's marked as watched, so I mark as unwatched and go back to the "play main title" option.

The same happens on a Stream rip, as well as ISO.

I can explain further what "not playing" means, and also provide log files, however I thought I'd ask first if this was the right place, and also check if this was some known limitation at the moment.

Thanks, Dave
The subtiltes (if they are ripped as well) should be accessable via the Video OSD. Just enable the subtitles in the audio- and subtitle settings and select the specific subtitle you want to have. If there are none listed, I guess there´s something wrong with the rip.

For the menu, only those non-BD-J menus should work.

Which version of LE are you currently using?
Thanks for the fast response!

I am using LE 8.2.3.

I did a full rip, so they are there.  What I have found is that my FLIRC mapped T to subtitles, which toggles on and off, and resulted in "unknown" being shown.

However I have now mapped L to subtitles button, and I can keep pressing until I see English.  It takes a while, as it says unknown every time, however I can now get there, which is great.

I guess nearly all menus are standardised to BD-J, so the proper method to play a movie on Kodi is to access the "main title", and if you want to get extras, then go to "select from all titles" and just try them...

It's not quite so WAF friendly as I'd like, but at least I can get it to work.  It's a shame the subtitle languages aren't listed though.
(2018-02-22, 10:58)wcndave Wrote: [ -> ]I guess nearly all menus are standardised to BD-J,

Yes. And therefore you need Java which is not available for LE, IIRC.