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Full Version: [REQUEST] Kodi Logo moving around screen during video playback in pause
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Hello friends and developers I have a suggestion hanging around my head. I do not know if it will be possible to do it or not.

The suggestion is as in KODI there is an option in the screensaver section that says: "Use dim if paused during video playback" it would be possible to replace this or add the option so that a KODI logo appears moving around the screen as it do a screensaver of dvd or blu-ray player (when KODI is in pause during video playback). The idea that I have is that you could also have several types of movements on the screen, define appear in different positions every certain time, fade and reappear, etc.

I have it in my head like the oppo player does for example and I think it would be very spectacular for KODI to have this option instead of dimming. I do not understand how it has not been developed yet.

I do not know if this will be very complicated or not, it is a sequence from my ignorance in the development of KODI and phyton.

Would something of this kind be possible in KODI? Somehow KODI already has the option to dim the screen.

PD: Anything similar to this but moving around the screen.
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Sorry and thanks for moving the post @Karellen.
What do you think?
I could be wrong (I'm VERY new to writing Kodi addons...), but I think this is something that would have to be part of the theme rather than an actual addon.
The item of menu "Use dim if paused during video playback" is part of default code of KODI i think.
From KodiWiki https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Interface/Screensaver
Quote:Screensaver mode - Chooses the screensaver.

Settings - Allows control of such things as Screensaver dim level which controls how much the screen dims when the screensaver is set to dim mode and Slideshow folder, which determines what pictures to use when the screensaver is set to Slideshow mode.

Preview - Allows you to preview the selected screensaver.

Screensaver time - Allows you to set the amount of idle time required before displaying the screensaver.

Use visualization if playing audio - With this option enabled, Kodi will start the selected visualization instead of displaying the screensaver if music is being played. Conversely if you wish not to have a visualization while playing audio, uncheck this option and visualizations will be disabled. Note: If a screensaver is active you will still get the screensaver after the preset time has elapsed for screensaver to kick in.

Use dim if paused during video playback - With this option enabled, Kodi will dim the display when media is paused, Not valid for the "Dim" screensaver mode.
Just noticed this is the default screensaver in the Plex application for PS4. Interesting, not an exotic request afterall Wink
(2018-03-16, 22:10)enen92 Wrote: [ -> ]Just noticed this is the default screensaver in the Plex application for PS4. Interesting, not an exotic request afterall Wink
@enen92 I think that would be very cool, also this request do it the low cost player brings a screensaver in the style of this... for example link http://www.bouncingdvdlogo.com/
I remember that OS Windows also brought a screensaver with windows logo doing it.
Would anyone dare to do it?
All my older player configurations i used before Kodi had this exact functionality.
I remember when replacing i was a bit surprised this wasn’t included.

Would be nostalgically cool to see this added to the ‘dim when paused’ option in Kodi :thumbs up:
I also think it would be a very nostalgic feature and that it would honor the old players.
I suspect this has to happen in core (not through an addon) so let’s see if you sparked a dev’s interest..
Just something I did quickly... in my test repo:


Install Repo then install Bump addon....

Wonderful I'm going to try it. Thank you!
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