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Full Version: Universal Movie Scraper not downloading artwork
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I have Kodi 17 installed on my Nvidia Shield Tablet and dropped 3 movies onto the SD card.  When I go to setup the source I select Universal Scraper (TMDB scraper won't connect right now).  It is pulling in the movie information, actors, etc. but no artwork for the movie at all.  Any ideas?
LazarusLong, when you select Universal Scraper for your library, before you press OK, press the settings button and configure the Universal Scraper to pull images from iMDB, TMDB and one other (sorry I forget as I did it last night). Go down the entire list on the left turning on as many options as possible to grab artwork from. Additionally you could also install Artwork Beef ( https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=258886 ) as that will also help with the artwork.