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Full Version: How to access Kodi from other devices?
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I'm very new the topic of Kodi. I'm thinking about using my PC for hosting Kodi. Will I be able to control Kodi from my smart TV or AV-receiver? My intention is to watch kodi content on my home theatre projector similar to Plex. Options and suggestions are appreciated.
You use a remote control to control kodi.

If your TV supports CEC you might be able to use your TV's remote to control Kodi.
I'm not sure you understand what I'm trying to do. For example, I installed Kodi on my HP Z800 computer and it's in a different room then my home theater. So, how do I watch kodi from my projector where kodi is on my computer that is in a different room. Plex works fine because plex has an app I can install on roku but I'm not sure how kodi works.
It doesn't work like that.

Plex is designed for such a distributed server and client model, whereas Kodi is designed to be all in one and to connect directly to the displaying device via HDMI or to be directly installed onto it.
Install KODI on ROKU (if it exists)
On you computer in different room enable UPNP server.
On roku enable UPNP client.
Now kodi on roku can play all media from your server in different room.

On your server you can enable NFS and/or FTP. Not sure about samba status at xbox one kodi
There is no kodi version that you can install on roku.