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Full Version: Adding Missing elements to the user Experience and layout
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Well I don't think I can mentor a browser project this year. Not sure if anybody else is up for that.
Oh! I get that. Well can we move forward using the other option by adding up some open source services such as 'Jitsi'. Please do comment on this. I'll be obliged.!

Best would probably be to do something we can extract into a python addon. Not sure if there is such a open source service, otherwise you end up at skype again which you were not to happy with.
(2018-03-06, 06:23)priytosh Wrote: [ -> ]I realized that Kodi supported browser is just basic and does not have much support for Plugins and Scripts. So lets make things even elementary, firstly we need to add a full fledged browser to Kodi for enhanced feature. Browser will open Window to a lot of possibilities.
FYI, while a great idea, know that integrating a embedded web browser into Kodi is a huge job that will require a very highly skilled C++ (and C) programmer. For more information follow the links here 328455 (thread) Not something that you will be avle to achieve in an acceptable way with Python scripting.

(2018-03-06, 06:23)priytosh Wrote: [ -> ]The other way is to port another open source project like 'Jitsi' to kodi and make Video calling an internal feature. This way it would be easier to build a Video calling Service but would still not be as versatile as designing a browser
@priytosh Not sure if you have actually looked at Kodi’s core code or its addons, however it sounds as if you are a Java developer and therefor you really need to now known that Kodi’s core is coded in C++ (with some C++ wrapped C libraries as well) and addons are Python, not other languages like Java, thus you can basically forget about porting any existing Java code to Kodi. If you want to develop in Java then Kodi is not for you.
Hey @RockerC 

Glad you read this post

I never actually wanted to write or Port any Java code to kodi. However, I was Interested in some Python code which could be helpful for building something which would enable us a Video Calling feature. Writing or Scripting Browser was never the Primary Objective,the Primary objective was to enable the Video Calling feature.

Now, as you say, maybe for RTC or JavaScript exchange execution we need some hard coded C++ Programs, which I am definitely not very good at. So,can you please tell me some good way to approach the Video Calling Feature or maybe using RTC or similar technology.

Ans yes, not all but I definitely had a good look at the Core Code Section of Kodi and I am well aware of its environment. I never had any Intentions using Java into it.

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