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Full Version: Where to put new Thumbnails for the favourites
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I want to change the Thumbnails for the favourites but am not sure where i should put new ones so they become visible when I try to do a change
I am using the latest LibreELEC version 8.2.3 with the default Skin
Not sure, I get what you mean.

Do you want to change the standard icon which is in use for the skin on the main menu next to the word "Favourites"? If so, and IIRC, those are stored in the TexturesXY.xbt files. So the easiest would be to use this link:


Then use the "Clone or Download"-button and select "Download ZIP". Then you have to extract the zip file and change different things:

- the addon.xml
Change the id and name of the skin to something like "My-great-Estuary-mod" for the name and "plugin.estuary.test" for the id

- then change the icon:

the path to it is: https://github.com/phil65/skin.estuary/t...edia/icons

There´s the "Favourites.png"-file you will have to change. Make sure, that you replace the file with something else but name it exactly!! like it was before.

Then zip the file again and install it as a new skin in LibreELEC via the "Install from zip"-option. It´s probably disabled after installing. So you have to enable it first before you are able to select it from the settings. That´s done at: Addons->My Addons->Look and Feel->Skins-> <Your-Skin-Name>

If you want to change the icons of those things you placed as favourites, we should know more about those things you have marked as favourites.