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Full Version: Recording system path setting not remembered
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I'm running OpenELEC on a RPi 3. I have set up an auto-mount using instructions found here http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php/Mounti...ork_shares . This seems to work as i can ssh into the RPi and ls that directory at the mount location. In my TVheadend server configuration, under Configuration>Recording>Digital Video Recorder Profiles tab, under Parameters>Recording file options>Recording system path I add the mounted path. I do the same thing Configuration>Recording>Timeshift>Storage path setting. When i restart the system, the path under Timeshift>Storage path stays (is remembered), but the path under Digital Video Recorder Profiles>...>Recording system path is lost (not remembered). Any ideas?

UPDATE: I found some settings that are of interest. The path is


In that directory there are the following files


The interesting thing is, in the dvr-config file, i see my path (/storage/recordings), but in the timeshift-config file, i see what appears to be the default path (/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.multimedia.tvheadend/cache/timeshift). So it appears that these are not the files that tvheadend is using when it populates the fields in the browser configuration interface. Is there another location for the configuration files?

UPDATE 2: When i change the settings in the TVheadend server configuration via the web interface and then DON'T restart the system, the recorded tv file location is in the correct place! So there is some file like the dvr-config file that exists somewhere that at least temporarily holds the correct setting value. But I just don't know where that file is.
As this might also be an issue which could be OpenELEC related, and for the reason OpenELEC isn´t developed anymore at the moment, I would recommend to migrate to LibreELEC. LibreELEC also has updated TVHeadend Server and Clients addons, which could be helpful.
I appreciate the feedback. I will say that since Microsoft changed their EPG provider from zap2it to Rovi (and screwed up my guide) back in 2015, i've been going from one OS to another, one addon to another. OSMC was working for me for a bit then an update screwed up LiveTV all together. Then i moved to OpenELEC after reading a lot of good stuff about it. I'm done moving around, having to go through the set up again and again and again (though i'm getting quite proficient at it). I just want something stable, something that i can get working and then it NEVER changes. So no more updates to OpenELEC actually sounds appealing at this point.

I do believe it is an OpenELEC issue, and have posted on their forum too. I was just hoping someone here would be familiar with TVheadend compiled for OpenELEC on an RPi and could tell me where those config files are.

But i do have a spare RPi 2 and microSD card i could play around with on my spare time. Now i just need some spare time.
1. You are unlikel to get much help on the openelec forum as the whole OE ecosystem is basically over.

2. Lbreelec is a fork of openelec. If you update from OE to LE your configuration will remain. (As usual backup first just in case something goes wrong, but it shouldn't)

3. If you want a reliable and advanced pvr backend, try mythtv.