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Full Version: Automatically enable Subtitles for a specific TV Show / Anime
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I wanted to ask if it is possible to configure kodi to automatically enable subtitles if i watch a specific TV Show or a Video with a Japanese voice stream.

Thanks in advance Smile
Anyone that can help?
If you remux the video files with MKVToolnix you could flag the subtitles as "forced" and they will automagically play. Could be a lot of work, depending on how many files you have.
Is it that hard pressing one button on your remote to turn subtitles on?
Some people (like me!) use things like PseudoTV or just playlists and keep our "tv" on in the background while doing other things (knitting, mindless data entry type work on a computer, etc.).  And so having to reach for the remote every time a foreign language film/show comes up can be annoying.  Not the end of the world, of course, but having a way to set the subtitle options in advance, either on a per show/movie basis or with some kind of rule like "if language track is not english, enable english subtitle" would be very useful.

Update:  Actually, it seems like there's an Addon for this: 153783 (thread)