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Full Version: Black screen on Ubuntu 17.10 and Kodi 17.6 and 18
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I just installed a fresh version of Ubuntu 17.10 and Kodi 17.6 on my laptop. When I switch to full screen or try to change Monitor to HDMI-1 (my monitor connected via HDMI, Kodi hangs with a black screen.

Found this in my logfile.

T:140430345109952   ERROR: failed to create EGL window surface 12293

I tried to login witch Xorg manager (even disabled Wayland in the config file) but this does not solve the problem.
I have tried to upgrade kodi to 18.x alpha but this didn't help eather

can anyone help?
Either your GFX card is very old or has bad drivers.
But please provide a Debug Log
It's true this is a old laptop and a very cheep one. It's a Fujitsu Lifebook A series.
But I have been able to run Kodi 17.6 on this laptop before. Just not with Ubuntu 17.10 (so I guess it's because of Wayland or some other thing related to a new version of Xorg?)

anyway. Here is a link to my log file on paste bin and thank you for all help!

Oh, and by the way.
The log comes from Kodi 18 alpha but it's the same on 17.6.
I just upgraded to 18 when I read somewhere that v18 worked better with Wayland engine. I have also tried to disable Wayland and force Ubuntu to run on Xorg. But the result is the same.
It isn't that old, sandy bridge class should still work fine.
Try installing kodi-wayland and try again.
If it still fails, try logging directly into the kodi session from the login window and then switch monitor from within kodi settings.

If you stick with wayland, you'll need fixed vaapi/libva drivers for hardware video decoding to work: https://launchpad.net/~wsnipex/+archive/ubuntu/vaapi