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Full Version: kodi17 default skin: menus move too fast, can't select anything
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I have a default kodi17 setup and skin on linuxmint 17 cinnamon workstation with 65inch LCD monitor/TV. Minimal addons, no 'builds', installers, or any of that junk. Works great mostly but the left sidebar menu moves too fast. I can't move the mouse pointer up and select anything as the expanded sidebar goes away as soon as I move the pointer off the icon for expanding it (lower left). I didn't see any speed/scroll/sensitivity controls or just don't know where to look. Any hints? Or is there another recommended skin? I didn't mind the previous one at all. Haven't played with skins at all.
The previous one (Confluence) is still available in the official repo if you prefer that one.

The mouse stuff is all handled by the OS, not by kodi. And to be honest kodi isn't really designed for use with a mouse anyway. Using your keyboard may be a better option?
Or try the touch version Estouchy.