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Full Version: Whaaaaat? Suddenly all my music files are out of order.
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I am using a Pi2 and hard drives from a dock.  Suddenly all my music files are not listing in numerical order.
The tag reader is on, and the tag reader etc. seems to be set to default.  I haven't changed anything.

Not all of my music files (mp3 and flac) are fully tagged but this has not been a problem before.  I don't use the library scanning much as it doesn't work without correct tagging.
But now almost ALL the folders are problematic....fully tagged stuff or not.

Do I have to reinstall.  Using 15.1 now OPen elec.  I am no expert, but this has never happened in the last 3 years.

You’ve not actually described what you are now seeing, perhaps you have changed the Sort by setting in the left hand side menu?
Ah, thank you.  I am so silly.