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Full Version: Sports options
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I see a few different plugins for sports but I can't tell what's current or works really well. I don't want to watch sports on Kodi but I would like to consume sports related content such as scores fantasy leagues, interviews, commentary etc. What are my options, which is best, and why? Thanks
Well I wrote a metadata site called https://www.thesportsdb.com for exactly this kind of thing. A few Add-ons were written but unfortunately not maintained so much at the moment as @enen92 didn't have much time.

Just do a search for his Add-ons as the youtube and RSS features of them can get you exactly what you want.

For instance I used to look up my teams news, league status and youtube clips. I haven't looked at it in a while though as was too busy adding the actually sports metadata on the website which has advanced hugely in the last year or so in terms of content Smile
script.screensaver.football.panel - Football/Soccer livescores and news
script.matchcenter - Football/Soccer livescores and news
script.module.thesportsdb - thesportsdb.com Kodi module (used to build other Add-ons)
metadata.thesportsdb.com - A local media sports scraper for Kodi (imports as TVShows)
script.sportscenter - A Kodi browser for thesportsdb website and its metadta (currently broken as it relied on older versions of Kodi's default theme)

Other options
service.bbclivefootballscores - Live football scores from the BBC website
plugin.program.fixtures - Sports fixtures from getyourfixtures.com
I know there is interest in your content.  Its just a matter of finding stable apps to consume it.  They're asking about your site on the Emby forums, and I'm in the middle of a Sports Strip reboot for Windows Media Center.  See these 

Thanks, posted on the emby forums to enourage it over there.

Here was my reply:

Thanks for the headsup about this thread, always willing to help if there is any motivation to build features from anyone  Wink
In terms of naming and structure, I thought a lot about this already and the site should help a lot as it has a hierarchy of "leagues",  "seasons" and "events" 
A typical event filename structure can be like this:
And can be looked up via all sorts of API searches, such as:
Search for event by event name and season
https://www.thesportsdb.com/api/v1/json/1/[email protected]_Los_Angeles_Kings&s=1617

Search for event by full event name and date
https://www.thesportsdb.com/api/v1/json/1/[email protected]_Los_Angeles_Kings&d=2017-09-16

Search for event by event file name
Some screenshots from the MediaPortal plugin:


Luke from Emby is asking about something.  "So it's basically a tv structure where leagues is equivalent to tv series and events are equivalent to episodes?" -Luke