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Full Version: Remove Kodi logo in Settings
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I'm moding this skin and I want to remove this Kodi logo and replace it by the name of my mod Wink


But I didn't find any XML file to do it. I have looked into SettingsCategory.xml and decompress Textures.xbt to look for this png but found nothing.


EDIT : Found it. It's not a png it's text Wink 

In SettingsCategory.xml

      <control type="label">
Yeah, since Kodi is trademarked, how is the official stance on replacing the startup logo? Just curiosity.
You can do anything you like on your personal machine. Change the skin, change the logo, hack the source, compile in proprietary DRM code, make it cook your dinner and roll your spliffs.

Distribution is another matter.

In fact if you want to distribute a fork you are required to remove Kodi trademarked portions (trademark law). And publish your source code (copyright law). But if the OP is making a mod for himself, he can do WTF he likes.