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Full Version: Mod Concept in progress
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First off thank you for amazing skins you are sharing with us.
I hope this is the best place to post this if not please advise. 

I am hoping to create a “fusion” of (fuse)neue and your new skin Aura.
My working title is (fuse)aura 
I played around with AURA but my wife does not want to change skins “again”.
So my idea is keep all of the functions of (fuse)neue but bring in some of the design ideas of Aura.
I also plan this with larger brighter text for distance viewing 

These are quick mock-ups of what I have in mind.
To be honest I am not sure if I am capable of such a feet but hope to give it a go.
The biggest change is the Video info screen.
I hope to bring it over from Aura, and move a few elements around. 

What do you think and may I call upon your help if I hit a wall or two?
Yeah, no worries at all. Go for it! Big Grin

I'm going to be relatively busy over the next few months, but I will try to help with your queries where I can.
(2018-03-10, 02:02)mxlance Wrote: [ -> ]@jurialmunkey
I am attempting to bring the Video Info screen from Aura over to (fuse)neue.
Perhaps I have bitten off to much with this one. I am failing miserably so far.
Can you offer any tips and insights or is this destined to fail.
Thank you

The trick is to follow the includes.

I prefix all my includes with the name of the file that they are in. e.g. Object_Info will be in Includes_Object.xml
You will need to go through the file systematically and follow the includes and see if they are already in fuse. If they aren't then you will need to bring them over. If they are, then you will need to compare the two to see if there are differences in what they do etc. If there are differences then you will need to rename one of them.

Includes_Object is going to be pretty different, so is Includes_Topbar.

The whole dialog is pretty different to fuse due to the approach used.
Also, because it is a dialog, the background is actually contained on the corresponding MyXXXXNav.xml file in the include Global_Background. You will probably need to bring that in somewhere because fuse neue desnt have that same background.