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Full Version: Kodi 17.6 Download file formats
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I've looked everywhere on the forum & Google, Wiki etc. and can't find an answer to my problem;
When I download a movie it saves it as a ".mkv" file. How can I get it to save it as a ".mp4" file so I can playback on my TV via the USB?
Download from where? as Kodi itself does not download anything.
I download a movie using an add on instead of live streaming.
you cannot change a movies codec just by changing the file I extension.
Yes I understand that and I'm not trying to change its extension. I want to make the default download file format that Kodi saves it as to mp4, not mkv as it is currently doing.
You need to find a forum that has a support thread for the addon which will more than likely NOT be here, as if it's something that does recent movies it's almost 100% certain to be a piracy addon that we don't allow discussion of on this forum.
Okay, thanks for your help, much appreciated.
If a Kodi addon is downloading a file, it is downloading whatever file it is pointed at. You'll get what the addon points at.

If you want to convert it to mp4, that is simple, there are plenty of howtos on the net. But why? mkv and mp4 play identically in Kodi.