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Full Version: Kodi Remote app key press sound?
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I find the noise it makes on key press really loud and annoying any way to turn it off? I found a volume button in settings but that only seems to turn down kodi audio not the noises your phone makes when you press stuff. I turned my phone volume to mute it but it somehow bypasses this.
What version ?
On my version 17.6,
systems / audio then move all the way down on the right til you see GUI Sound.
GUI sounds removes the sounds that my home theatre speakers make when i click something. I am talking about the noise the actual Kodi Remote app makes on my phone it doesn't even respect my global mute settings on phone
My bad....please specify the remote app so other people that are using the same can chime in and help.
Oh just wanted to add the iphone global mute button does stop the sound but pressing volume button down to mute does not...kind of strange as far as I can tell there is no sound fx mute in the app only a volume button that controls kodi volume not the app volume
Same problem on version 19.

Am I the only one bothered by these annoying clicks!
(2021-04-23, 18:14)jmdapozzo Wrote: [ -> ]Same problem on version 19.

Am I the only one bothered by these annoying clicks!

I am confused by this thread and feel different people talk of different issues. The first comments from 2018 finally referred to noises made by the iPhone, and not by Kodi. Your comment seems to refer to Kodi (as you write about "version 19"). Can you please exactly describe the problem you have?