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Full Version: Want to move my bello skin to another kodi machine
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Love the skin, and really changed the home and submenus to my liking. Now I want to move it to my large screen kodi but I am not sure how to do that. 

Would really like to avoid having to make all the configs again.

copy the contents of addon_data to the other machine. This is in the user data folder. I do this quite a bit, as I have two instances of Kodi on Raspberry Pi's. All the settings you need are in the addon_data, although it might be a better option if you want to duplicate the machine to copy the whole content of the user data folder.
Thanks for that suggestion. I did that, but it seems some of the data is store in the actual addon itself. Not seen that before. 
For example script-skinshortcuts-includes.xml has much of the data but resides in the addon. I tried moving this file too, but didn't work. 
Ad guisettings.xml gets updated as well.