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Full Version: Different apk signatures: Google vs. F-Droid
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My F-Droid app lists Kore under its list of installed apps, but notes that it has a different signature than the apk that F-Droid has.

Are the apps the same other than the signatures?
Is one source/repository updated more frequently/quickly than others?

Just for reference, I've found Kore offered in three locations:
Play Store

We compile and sign Kore with our private key and make it available in the official mirrors and the Play Store.

F-Droid compile it themselves and make it available on their app store, i'm not sure how they sign it, but it's not with our private key, so that's probably the difference. I believe that F-Droid creates a new version when there are new tags on github, so it should be them same version that we publish, but we don't control that process.