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Full Version: A Program add-on for M3U playlists?
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I am interested in adding an M3U playlist to my Kodi setup. I am aware of the PVR Client for this use, although I am already using a PVR Client for my OTA channels.
Are there any program add-ons (or video add-ons) that support M3U playlists? Version using is Krypton 17.6. And I apologize if I left out any necessary information, I didn't see any sticky for the Program Add-ons thread.
Kodi itself supports m3u playlists you don't need an addon for that, see: https://kodi.wiki/view/Basic_playlists

Kodi supports PLS, M3U, Cue Sheets, and Kodi Smart Playlist (XSP) playlists.