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Full Version: Horizon v18 ?
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From where i can found horizon skin for v18 ?
Nowhere. I haven't made a v18 version yet.
Dear jurialmunkey.
Are you planning to make v18 version of Horizon skin?
It's only thing that stops me to move to Kodi 18 Smile
Yes there will be a Leia version.
(2018-03-18, 03:11)jurialmunkey Wrote: [ -> ]Yes there will be a Leia version.
 Excited! Big Grin
(2018-03-18, 03:11)jurialmunkey Wrote: [ -> ]Yes there will be a Leia version.
 Approximately when? Smile
I can't wait.
Tried forking and making a v18 compatible update, failed miserably. Couldn't figure out an issue where the scrollbars on some of the views wouldn't adjust to the size of the library properly.

Here's hoping for an update before v18 release Wink
Are you doing a beta testing for the Kodi 18 version or when should we expect it
I've the Beta version installed with v18 Alpha-3.  I love this skin. Thank you!!
I over wrote the , the "Dialogue Add-on Settings.xml as instructed but when i try and install the skin on leia it says "the skin is not suitable for this version of kodi."
How did u get the beta to test it out?
How did u get the beta version
The Beta version is available with Alpha3 on FireTV at least.
Where’s the download link at?
I would like to test the beta too ... where is it possible to download ?
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