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Full Version: New Idea for Gsoc
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What if the skin changes with time, like in morning, the skin layout will be different what it is at noon, evening and night and changes will be according to time gradually not certainly, we can also use the weather API too in it like if it is rainy or sunny. Weather(changes the mood! ) API can also be used in recommendation system too.  Same the recommendation system should also change with time ,
with this the user will always feel interested using the KODI. @Razze  what is your opinion on it?
There was some talk about that some time (years) ago when we did the new skin. But it basically comes down to us not being flexible enough with our xml structure.
@phil65 for backup
Can already be done with the current skinning engine - XeeBo used to change background colour depending on the time of day.
and what about the recommendation system based on weather and time?
Certainly possible but no-one has done it.
can we work on this?
As this is basically a skinning request I suggest we move this thread to a more appropriate forum.
Thread moved to Estuary sub-forum
Well if you move it the title of the topic is kinda out of context now. And I'm not sure if @amit2rockon ment to work on that for gsoc, so it would probably still be good in the gsoc category.
you could call custom color xml files on a modified  pvr record timer 
or mod https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Sleep_Timer