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Full Version: Minor Suggestions for skin revisions
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Firstly in the vertical main menu mode this skin is beautiful, really displays fanart well and incredibly easy to navigate.  The latter is particularly important as I trying to design a build for TV use.

I have a few thoughts on what could improve the skin but without really changing its fundamental design language.

1. Widgets: It would be nice to be able to increase the max number displayed in widget bar from 4 to a higher number.  One particular problem for me is that I use the weather widget and being only able to show 4 days worth of weather is a bit odd!

2. Widget poster size: It just feels a little small to me. I guess the problem with this and point 1 is that it might leave inadequate space for information (although I would have thought that could move to above the widget bar)

3. I like the idea of having Icons as well as text in the menu items.  Would an Icon only option work?

4.  Love the ability to lock the views, is there any way to do that on a per add on (or even sub section of add on) in Kodi?  Even if there was I am guessing it would depend on add on developer allowing for that

5. Any chance of a few more view options?  Maybe some of the views in the Aeon NOx Silvio skin?