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Full Version: lack of sound
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I installed kodi version 18.0 (alpha 1) on my xbox one, and it was working perfectly, but the audio (sound) of the device stopped working. I already uninstalled and reinstalled, but it did not work.
 debug log.
Same here! It's happening since the beggining of this week with me. (After reinstall)

I dont have the logs now, but I'm using the Xbox One S connnected to a receiver. Denon X1300, using 5.1 speakers.

With All other apps the sound works except Kodi.

I've already tried all sound options within Kodi and Xbox (uncompressed/bitstream). Nothing works.

I'm accessing my files using NFS share on a linux box.
I've tested Kodi on Windows accessing the same configs as XBox and everything works fine.
(2018-03-10, 04:56)varodbr Wrote: [ -> ][font][font]O mesmo aqui! [/font][font]Está acontecendo desde o começo desta semana comigo. [/font][font](Depois de reinstalar) [/font][/font]

[font][font]Eu não tenho os logs agora, mas estou usando o Xbox One S conectado a um receptor. [/font][font]Denon X1300, usando alto-falantes 5.1. [/font][/font]

[font][font]Com todos os outros aplicativos o som funciona, exceto o Kodi. [/font][/font]

[font][font]Já tentei todas as opções de som dentro do Kodi e Xbox (uncompressed / bitstream). [/font][font]Nada funciona. [/font][/font]

[font][font]Estou acessando meus arquivos usando compartilhamento NFS em uma caixa do linux. [/font][/font]
[font][font]Eu testei o Kodi no Windows acessando as mesmas configurações que o XBox e tudo funciona bem.[/font][/font]
 BR? conseguiu resolver?
No way. It seems to be a bug with this new release.
(2018-03-11, 06:28)varodbr Wrote: [ -> ][font][font]De jeito nenhum. [/font][font]Parece ser um bug com esta nova versão.[/font][/font]
 Pior que conheco pessoas que tem instalado no xbox e esta rodando tudo normal, so alguns que ficarram assim, e o pior é que nem reinstalando resolve...
Hello, everyone.
Did the @lcabel logs have helped?

Is there any more info we need provide or have you already found whats going on?

(2018-03-11, 14:39)lcabel Wrote: [ -> ]
(2018-03-11, 06:28)varodbr Wrote: [ -> ]De jeito nenhum. Parece ser um bug com esta nova versão.
 Pior que conheco pessoas que tem instalado no xbox e esta rodando tudo normal, so alguns que ficarram assim, e o pior é que nem reinstalando resolve... 

Do you know if they have recently installed versions?
I´m guessing that something went wrong after uninstall procedure.
Guys this is an English language ONLY forum. Any more breaches will result in a formal warning.

Also there is no need to leave random attempts at formatting fonts all over the page.
I've had a quick look at the log, using my Windows experience (as don't know exactly how things work on the Xbox) I don't see anything too wrong in there. Is perhaps audio muted? what do you use to control Kodi? if you're using a controller try playing with the right thumb stick as that's used for volume control I believe to make sure volume is set to 100%.
Ok I'll try. I use the video game controller itself to control the volume of the sound.
Just for completeness, can you play a video, then open the on screen display, select audio settings and see what is set?

Volume should be set at 0.0db and volume amplification to 60db for maximum volume (both sliders all the way to the right). If they're not set to that try setting them and see what happens.
I´m not at home now, but as I remember mine where both at 0. So this should be what is wrong.

Sorry for the portuguese messages.

I'll try later when I get home.

The volume should be 0dB (quieter is negative dB) but if the amplification is also set to zero then you'll get silence.
It was really at 0db, but I changed and still no sound. It's now at 60, but no sound output.

I tried with passthrough enabled, but nothing seems to work.

What else can I try?

One more thing to add is that even the interface sound is "muted", not only when playing movies.
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