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Full Version: Current Video Playlist Reordering and Refresh Issue in Chorus2
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There seems to be some bugs with the current video playlist mechanism when you try to add videos from a source other than what is already in the scraped TV/Movie databases (e.g.  home videos, sports, etc).  Specifically if I queue videos to my current video playlist using "videos/files" from my SMB share drives, they get added properly to the current video playlist, but if you goto the playlist and try to reorder the listing, the video name do not refresh properly and the queue ordering also gets all jumbled and does not reorder correctly.   

This problem does NOT occur if you queue/add a video to the video queue playlist from the scrapped TV/Movie database.  It only happens if you queue files through the "videos/files" section of kodi.  Has anyone else encountered this issue or have a solution?