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Full Version: Kore Won't Connect (USB Tethering)
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First off, my situation is a bit different than usual. 

1. My PC is not connected to the internet via LAN.
2. It is not connected via Direct Wifi.
3. It is connected to the internet via a 3rd Party Tethering App on Android (PdaNet) or via direct usb tether 
4. It does not have a wifi modem nor a Bluetooth receiver. 

So, I install Kore on my phone. 
I insert the IP address and port Kodi displays on my PC.
it doesn't connect or find any media centers. 
I have "allow remote control from applications on this system enabled."
I have "allow remote control from applications on other systems enabled."
I have "allow remote control via HTTP" enabled."
I am using Windows 7. 
I can connect to the web interface through browser on PC but not on Android
Is it possible to connect to the remote with this type of setup?

Edited post for better clarification.
Your PC and the phone need to be on the same subnet.
That's all well and good but it doesn't exactly tell me if what I am asking to do is possible or how to do it if it is, and while I appreciate that you took the time out to reply to my inquiries I can not say that it has actually been helpful.

I guess what I am asking to do is similar to this https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/qu...nnection-p

but on a PC via USB tethering from Android instead of WiFi on the Pi.

Again, thank you for at least reading and replying.
What is the IP address of the kodi machine?

What is the IP address of your phone?

Can you ping the kodi machine from the phone?
Yes, I can ping my android IP address through my Windows Kodi Machine. 4 Packets Recieved. 4 Sent. 0 lost. 
I don't think it's wise to post my actual IP Address but the IP address on my phone differs to the one displayed in Kodi, and through ipconfig on Windows.

I tried to setup a static ip address on my computer using the ip address, subnet, and default gateway my phone displays through windows network sharing but then it shows no internet connection. 

For example when I use ipconfig on Android it shows something like and when I use ipconfig on Windows it shows something like, Kodi displays the Windows IP address. 
Also I forgot to mention, I am using wifi on my phone, as it doesn't have mobile service. 
So the setup is this 

1. Using phone with Wifi
2. USB tether phone to pc (Wifi is enabled on phone, and thus using that wifi on PC)
3. Kodi on Windows displays IP different from IP displayed on Android
4. I have a separate phone with KORE installed on. 
5. Inputing neither IP address works on this phone. 

Though if I install Kodi on one phone, and kore on the other and input the ip address that kodi displays on that phone into the one with Kore on it, it does work.