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Full Version: Music Library Issues
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I just upgraded to the latest Kodi through OSMC using Artic Zephyr. When I go to my music library it just shows the shared folder that contains my music. The Album, Artist, etc library labels are gone. Is there a way to set it up differently from what I have done in the past? In the past I just added the files and when Kodi was done scanning I was able to access by album or artist.

If not, is there an EMBY type media server for music with a kodi interface?

Thank you
A guide is available to help you set up your library... https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Create_Music_Library
The music library works just as before - add music files and say yes to scan to library.  If you are not seeing the music library nodes on the main screen having done that then I guess it could be an issue with OSMC or Artic Zephyr, neither are things I have tested. Or a customized menu/node set-up  gone wrong.

By " "latest Kodi" do you mean v18 alpha or v17.6 (which has been out a long time)?
LibreElec Kodi V17.6. I have all my mp3s tagged and I followed the instructions. My files just don't turn into a library. When I click library is just shows me files or add music.
Which instructions did you follow? If you followed the instructions from the link I gave you, then you have done something wrong.

There are just way too many variables to guess, but you best check your music file tags first. If you have no tags, then there will be no library. There is a section on that in the guide.
I did the tags, scrapers. However, I did get it to work. I went to the file source, hit the content menu, and selected scan to library. I never had to do this before but it seems to be scanning artist and albums. It's going to take a while but I thinks it's working now.
Ok, great