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Full Version: I need Adjust video Position adhere to the top of the screen functio in KODI Setting
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I haver read previous post

"[SOLVED] Position video at the top of the screen "

But this is not what I wanted.

Most of  hardware does not have the function of position adjust adhere to top.

Maybe most of English culture user do not need sub ,  but for Foreigners , sub are the most important function.

Why I  mention sub  while taliking about video position ?

The relation is,  most of us are seeing 21:9 contents  on 16:9 screen.

When video is centered ,  subs are overlayed on video. 

What I want is  Video adhere to top , sub adhere to bottom IN KODI SOFTWARE SETTING.

21:9  video  on  16:9  screen with sub

peacefully separated 21:9  video and sub on 16:9 screen ( what I want )
Quote:But this is not what I wanted.
Still sounds to me it is exactly you what you want: aligning the video area to the top of the screen, and setting the subtitles to the bottom of the screen (below the video).

Quote:Most of hardware does not have the function of position adjust adhere to top.
Not most... Only some.

If your video card (which hardware do you have?!) does not support Vertical Shift, there is not much else to do. BTW, Vertical Shift is something done via software, but only as long as the hardware supports it. There is no other way to move the video area around on the screen, either in steps or as single firm positions.
Windows 10 , normal 40" FHD TV , 24" FHD Monitor, GeForce 8800GS , GTX 750, Intel HD Graphics, etc ...

none of them has hardware position adjust function.
I don't know about the GTX8800, but all more recent GT(X) Nvidia cards work with the Vertical Shift option, in Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

Thank you for helping..

I understand by the image  where   the  " -1 "  value to apply.

The option is not in settings-video-.. ...  of kodi main screen  but in "THE OPTION-VIDEO -.... WHICH IS ONLY VISIBIE GEAR ICON  WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING MOVIE " , right bottom of playing movie screen.