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Full Version: Problem linking to zip installed repositories and to new zip files
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On v17.6 I have this problem with both Android and Linux - no idea about Windows because I don't use it.
 I enter a url into the file manager as a source, which I have validated in Firefox - and it exists and is working. Then I try to install from zip file, using that source,  Kodi can't connect to it. If I download the zip file, from the same URL, and install that way, it installs no problem. If I then try to access the repository of that zip file I have have downloaded and installed, or ones that I have previously installed, again Kodi can't connect. I have tried about 5 different sources and none work.
Existing add-ons work fine.
Any ideas anyone please?
Without posting some examples and a log I doubt anyone will be able to help, the functionality itself works fine.
Quote: I enter a url into the file manager as a source
That alone raises an eyebrow with me.

Either you give us full details on "that addon" and "that url", or you seek assistance elsewhere.
We're not going to waste our time here with guessing games.
Thank you for your polite and helpful reply. 
I did not refer to any particular repository source because, as stated, none of them worked despite the URLs being verified as working in Firefox. Further, there was nothing of note in the log.
However, I am pleased to tell you that I have found the problem. It appears to have been the skin. When I first set up kodi on on both Linux and Android ( a TV and a 'box') I immediately installed Confluence as I find it more straightforward than the default Estuary - though that may be because I am more used to it. Kodi did work with Confluence initially, maybe there was an update. anyway, doing a new set up and keeping Estuary worked but with Confluence I got the problems outlined in my post.