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Full Version: Hi, I'm interested in Adding a picture library
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Project Proposal - GSOC 2018
Add a picture library
Name: Chinmaya Bhat
e-mail: [email protected]
Github: https://github.com/chinmayabhat
Summary: I would like to work on "Add a picture library". Kodi already has libraries for movies and music. A picture database can be sorted or searched easily. The library will scan for new files in the directory and update the database.
How will I achieve this: I will use C++ and SQLite for the database part. I am familiar with C++ as I have used it in my undergrad. I have worked on MySQL but I think that SQLite will be a better suited as everything will be stored locally and the database won't be accessed by many users or other apps.
Benefits: Better functionality for the user; in the future, users can create albums, mark as favourites, etc. The database would be able to handle such additions.
1. Creating a functional pictures database that scans for new files in the directory and adds them.
2. A basic picture viewer similar to the TV shows and music frontend.
Requirements: C++, SQLite (need to learn, similar to MySQL) 

I am in my 4th year of undergrad from BMSIT, Bangalore, India. I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) and will be developing on it. I haven't used Kodi before. But I have compiled Kodi from github and am reading through the code and trying it out.Currently I am interning and will be able to work for 4 hours/weekday and at least 6 hours/weekend, totally around 35 hours/week. Although I haven't worked on open source before, I will be able to manage my time and complete the project successfully.
Cheers Smile
Hey nice to have you! Smile

I'm a bit worried about you doing gsoc and interning. We don't want to burn you out.
Hi Razze, 

I won't be burned out Smile and I think that I can manage my internship and gsoc well. The internship will get over by May end so I will be free for most of the coding period. I have also joined #kodi-gsoc and would love to discuss the project further on the irc. Thanks Smile
There was some previous work done a long time ago to introduce a Picture Library but it was abandoned, see discussion thread 141169 (thread) and PR 1562 (PR) not sure if you can get anything useful from it as the code has changed a lot since then, I don't know any of the detail regarding it so it's just a case of making you aware in case it might provide any pointers for the direction to take