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Full Version: (Gsoc 2018)Project : Add a picture Library
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Project : Add a Picture Library
  • Name: Ayush
  • Forum/E-Mail : [email protected]
  • Summary: Developing a project for kodi to add picture libraries that would enable filtering, sorting and searches. It would make simple for the user to handle their data of TV shows, movies, music.
  • How will I achieve this: By using libraries over directories. I will develop a functional picture library for movies, TV shows and music over the KODI application, that will have the possibility to scan files and having them added to the libraries which will be included. When that’s done we would progress to write basic library views for pictures.
  • What will the project focus on: The main focus of the project will be to make it simpler for the user to handle their content. The project would focus on adding a picture database and getting it filled via file scrapping. 
  • Benefits: This project will have huge benefit for users as libraries are far nicer than directories for users as they keep their data and basically act upon the data that got collected without having to get it on each directory traversal. It will also enable filtering, sorting and searches.
  • Goals: To provide user with a simpler and more efficient way to manage their data.
  • What does it touch in Kodi: It would work on the database, libraries and the part of the application managing and displaying user data in KODI application.
  • Requirements:C++, MySQL, SQLite
  • Possible mentors: Razze
For the project I am having my own laptop with i5 7th gen processor and I can work on both Linux and Windows. I have access to 24 hrs Internet connectivity so the work can continue smoothly.
I first started programming in 2015 when I opted for Informatics Practices as one of my major subjects in school. Since then I have continued my efforts in programming and have tried to acquire new skills on a regular basis.
I use Kodi frequently for managing TV shows and movies. It has been quite helpful and interesting. I started using Kodi around 4-5 months back. As Kodi gives us easy access and summary of all the TV shows and movies, it has made the TV experience very delightful and interesting.
I haven’t worked on any open source projects yet.
But I have done many projects. Some of them can be found here https://github.com/ABasral/Cpp-programs
As I am studying in college so I can exclusively spare 5-6 hrs/day for the project. I have planned to work on the project step by step including discussing with my mentor about the project and verifying the work done on a regular basis. I have decided to divide the project development into different phases including collecting the existing picture libraries and developing a database for them. Then the process will include generating codes for providing user access to the libraries etc. Further development of the process will be discussed and worked upon while the project continues.
During Summer of Code I will be studying and will be working on my SoC project simultaneously.
Hey nice to have you here Smile
I would like to discuss the project further.
then I would encourage you to join us on freenode #kodi-gsoc
There was some previous work done a long time ago to introduce a Picture Library but it was abandoned, see discussion thread 141169 (thread) and PR 1562 (PR) not sure if you can get anything useful from it as the code has changed a lot since then, I don't know any of the detail regarding it so it's just a case of making you aware in case it might provide any pointers for the direction to take.
I have read the previously done discussions on the topic and a have thought of a new scope to it. I have mentioned my idea in my final proposal.