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Full Version: Add movies with different names
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Is it possible to add movies with names that the scraper does not recognise?
Normally I have italian movie names. But most of them are not recognised while scraping. When I rescan the library non recognised movies are not even shown in the library. Any wato add them without changing the file(folder) name?
This is not Pi specific.  You should probably be asking here https://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=147
Yes, there are different ways to add movies which aren't scraped. Please take a look at this wiki: https://kodi.wiki/view/NFO_files
Hello @KonaiSystems

There are ways to add them to the library.

Firstly, can you provide the titles to a few of these Italian movies that do not scrape for you. It will allow me to hunt around to see which scraper hosts them, then provide the correct info.

Moved to Metadata forum.
I didn't ment that someone do the job for me.  Smile I just needed to know if is possible to see the "missing movies" that are present in the source.. but not in the library. The "missing movies" addon is not the right solution because it just shows a bunch of VOB files with no option to see to which movie they belong.

To make an example.. I have 4 movies
La rivincita dei nerds 1 - 4

The scraper correctly identifies from 2-4 but it ignores the 1

Where in KODI can I see this 1 so I can add it to the library by manually showing which movie it is?
This is why I asked for the movie titles. They are here... https://www.themoviedb.org/collection/48...uage=it-IT

Do you have TheMovieDB scraper set to it for Preferred Language?

Are file and folder names in Italian or have you used the English title.

But yes, you can add any Movie or TV Show to the library even if there is no information at the scraper site. See NFO Files in My Signature below

Instead of using the Missing Movie add-on, use the Event Log (wiki)