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Full Version: automatic updates
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Can you turn off automatic updates on individual addons or do you have to turn them all off?
Yes, go into the configuration screen of the add-on and disable "Auto-Update"
I am running Kodi Leia on Android using Aeon MQ8 skin and can't see anyplace to turn off individual addon updates.

I know how to turn all off.

What am I missing?
Must be a skin problem, I probably don't know where to look.

I found how to turn off individual addons in the default skin but can't find it in Aeon MQ8.
I don't have MQ8 installed so I can't help you with that specific skin. I guess it is still a WIP so not all features are implemented yet.

Best to ask in their thread or forum.
Thanks, I'll post on Aneon MQ thread.