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Full Version: MultiImage <visible> question regarding PVR
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Sorry For another question shortly after my previous.. when adding an image / multiimage. Is it possible for the visiblity to be set to not show if any media is playing ?

Im using this to display a fading multi image in one of my skin mods but i want the multiimage to disappear if something is playing from the pvr..

            <control type="multiimage" id="1999">

at the moment as you can see its set to true so its always visible but is it possible for me to make it not show if a channel is playing ?

Thank you guys..
solved this using the 


thank you anyway though
In case you're not aware of them - List_of_boolean_conditions (wiki)
Thank you Hitcher..

This is actually when I came accross last night to get things working..

Is there a page like that in the wiki that has the PVR:// points listed ?

I made a post that was moved to the estuary subforum but I feel that’s not really he best place to ask the question..

Thank you for taking the time to reply..
Ah, that’s exactly what I was looking for thank you ever so much, I’ve bookmarked that for future reference but looking at it, I don’t think I will be able to achieve what I was trying to do..

Thank you anyway it’s very much appreciated..