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Full Version: Episode thumbs - Wall view - no vertical slider.
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Reinstalled broken Win 10 and last Kodi Crypton, few days ago.
Now have this problem - the bottom row of episode thumbs is partially cut-off at the bottom, can see only the top part of thumbs in this row.
In Info Wall view there is a vertical slider on the right - but not in the Wall view.
Didn't have this problem in the previous install.
I have run Calibration in Settings - picture is not overscanned vertically or horizontally.
You best provide a screenshot, as I have no idea what you are referring to.
Shows -> Show name -> list of episodes in Wall View.
The bottom row of episodes is cut-off, and there is no vertical slider to scroll the screen.
I don't even know what skin you are using.
Sorry. Whatever this default skin is called - Confluence?
Ok, v17 Krypton uses the default skin Estuary.

I have checked my display... Shows -> Show name -> list of episodes in Wall View

Three rows fully visible. The fourth row I have a fraction of the top. I have a scroll bar. This is on a 1920x1080 screen.

If you just use your arrows, you can scroll. Mouse support is limited and not recommended.
Narrowed the problem down to this particular show.  Other shows can scroll through air mouse navigation arrows or through vertical slider, as it should.


Resolution on TV and PC: 1280 x 768.
I'm using RF remote with air mouse, old Gyration 4x-something.  Has arrows, drag-n-drop, right/left click, Enter - everything.

Arrows up/down would highlight the thumbs up/down, but the bottom row - the one with 4 thumbs - wouldn't scroll. Can't scroll with the vertical slider either - THERE IS NO SLIDER.  Honestly.
The problem is not show-specific. Some other shows also have it.

What happens is, when there is "almost" enough space to fit all the thumbs on the screen - with the bottom row displayed by more than 50% height, as in the screenshot above  - Win 10 (or Kodi skin?) considers this to be "good enough", and doesn't display vertical scroll-bar.  It also doesn't scroll the screen up when I focus/highlight some thumb in the bottom row.

Bottom part of the bottom row - with episode name and number - remains cut-off, screen can't be scrolled.
I'll move your thread to the Estuary sub-forum.

From there, the skin developer @phil65 might be able to come up with a solution for you.