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Full Version: videomate
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i recently got a second hand satellite card, a compro videomate SAA7134, and i can't see any mention if it for use in kodi, therefore, id like to know if i c an use it in kodi?
Thank you
91 views and no response, i only want to know which provider to use if it indeed does work on kodi, do i have to have the software for the card installed? etc etc
I've used a compro videomate card in the past, but maybe not this exact same model with both WMC and Kodi without any issue.
You might not need to do a full install of card's default software, as you may have an option to just install the drivers that are needed.
For your PVR backend to use with Kodi, I would recommend installing either the MediaPortal or Nextpvr software on your PC, which will act as your PVR server and where you will scan for Live TV channels and setup recording paths etc. Then it's just a case of enabling/configuring the PVR addon in Kodi.

There are lots video's available on YouTube on how to set-up both MediaPortal and NextPvr software and how to configure the Kodi addons.
NextPvr also has a very detailed walkthrough on their website on how to set everything up.
Thank you, appreciate it!