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Full Version: IPTV Recorder
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I have been trying ...since we spoke...Not getting anywhere...Not really sure what's wrong.  Did fresh install on android...no love.  Yesterday I did this on Windows 10 ...no joy.  Just getting errors trying to record.  not sure where I go from here.  I feel like giving up.  
I still can't pm anybody....I have the options to receive pm turn on in my settings...but it seems you still can't pm me.
I looked every where on how to get help with that pm issue in forum....there's no option..to contact people.  only PM ...and PM is not working for me. so I'm SOL.

Let me know what else I can do...I'm at dead end with no way to get support.   I would have like to pm you my xmltv and m3u to see if they work for you...but no way to pm you....
a link to those...what else can I do?
(2018-09-19, 18:30)nashnash Wrote: [ -> ]I have been trying ...since we spoke...Not getting anywhere
FYI, there is not only a post count limit but also a time limit on "too eager" forum users. All in the name of necessary spammer control.
Be patient, grasshopper.
(2018-09-19, 18:39)primaeval Wrote: [ -> ]
(2018-09-19, 18:30)nashnash Wrote: [ -> ] 
I'll delete this post when I get it.  
  Sent ....two sets the large files are together and the small are together   xmltv and m3u.  Thank you very much.
@nashnash I emailed you back. Did you get it?

I did all the set up again.  But using the a  new ffmpeg found in the other link you posted ....int's an arm64_v8a_full.  I did finally pick this since running Droidinfo on my Shield it's showing V8a.  Not sure if they changed the arm cpu arch with newer Shields.  
Anyway after full set up, I was still getting an error message.  However with debug settings, I'm getting a this text file below.  This look similar to what I get on my pc while running ffmpeg thu command line to copy a stream.   Can you take a look at this stderr.txt  uploaded into paste bin here?

It seems ffmpeg is running fine.  But why the error message? and why recorded file is 0 bytes?   Do we have to wait until the end of the recording to get the full file?

The log itself showing the error is below...Look at the error at 14:28. 

Thanks again for looking into this.
You should delete those links. I think they might have your pw in.
Did you get my email?
That would be easier.
Sent you a mail...
WOOOWOWOW....it's working...the above issue was due to the debug ffmpeg stdout/stderr setting being ON on android.....now I got the video file...thank you so much..so much....
I owe you a treat for your excellent support....any paypal link if this allowed here?  
You don't know how long I've been searching for something like this on Android.  I have not found a stable android program for this.  Progtv will record for sometimes an hour, four, and stop for no reason..  Iptvextreme won't record HLS stream at all.  This is great....thank you so much.
Replay (plugin.video.replay)
version 0.0.6
- Record any stream with ffmpeg

I've updated my Replay addon with the same ffmpeg recording method as IPTV Recorder.
You should be able to record any stream that you can play in Kodi ... with luck.

I couldn't play dash streams on Android but that was due to my ffmpeg version. Windows was ok.

You can make a keymap.xml shortcut to record the last stream you watched like this:

Live streams will currently record 6 hours before stopping.
Where can we found more info about this plugin and what advantages it offers compare to Iptv recoder?
(2018-09-28, 02:40)nashnash Wrote: [ -> ]Where can we found more info about this plugin and what advantages it offers compare to Iptv recoder?
 If you mean Replay: it's in my repo.

It will monitor the url of whatever Kodi plays so you can record them.
It won't work with pvr:// links like the PVR channels. They changed the way the PVR works so it doesn't expose the urls it uses any more.

I use it for the occasional catchup show that I want to watch later, especially if the connection keeps buffering.

If you want a scheduled timer that can use the IPTV Simple Client channels then use IPTV Recorder.
Is there any difference between download and recording in Replay?  Does not seem to make a difference for my streams. Thx.
(2018-09-30, 07:34)nashnash Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any difference between download and recording in Replay?  Does not seem to make a difference for my streams. Thx.
 Record uses ffmpeg and Download tries to download directly.
Download was the original method so I've left it in, just in case it is useful. The new default setting is to hide it.
Dowload should use less cpu but it probably won't work with complicated streams that aren't just file links (eg end in mkv/mp4 etc).