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Full Version: IPTV Recorder
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thanks so much, just got into the world of IPTV this week and found this.  I have everything working fine, just had a question.  I'm using Aura skin on my FireTV boxes and FireTV sticks (because Aura runs very light yet you can customize).  I wanted to add the lines to edit the DialogPVRInfo.xml and noticed that the aura skin doesn't have an XML folder.  I did find the DialogPvr file in /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/skin.aura/1080i folder.  I tried adding the modified lines but it wasn't changed.  Any suggestions?  fyi, none are rooted if that helps
Hi I think it´s a beginner question. But I try to install IPTV Recorder on my coreelec system. I cant find the way to my ffmpeg path. I think it is: /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.ffmpeg-tools/bin/ffmpeg
But I cannot find the .kodi subfolder under /storage. How can I enter my ffmpeg path?

Greetings Elluminatus
There's a setting in settings menu to enable viewing hidden files/folders. The .kodi folder is a hidden one (the dot at the start of its name hides it).

I think you may need to have advanced or expert level enabled for it to be visible (set that in the lower left hand corner of the menus).

Exactly where it is may depend a bit on the skin being used, but it's something like Settings - Media - General - Show hidden files and directories or settings->Library settings->General->Show hidden files and directories (I don't have a Kodi install to hand to look it up in detail).
Another question that even might not belong inhere, but it's related I guess:

Alle working well, recording and even go to record page from TV-guide directly (Simple iptv client) with the added button.
Question is how I can see those files and start a manually record of a channel from Yatse which is installed on my android phone. Because I don't see any setting in Yatse app related to this I guess it's sending a regular 'record' command from the Yatse app to Kodi, but it seems this is not picked up by IPTVRrecorder.
Is there anything I can do to accomplish this and/or change recording folder to a place where Yatse will recognise and scan it?