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Full Version: IPTV Recorder
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(2023-08-20, 00:18)stuckinthehome Wrote: [ -> ]There is a version of IPTV recorder that will install on 20.0. The problem is after it records it crashes Kodi. There is also IPTV Archive Downloader that I was able to get working with a few code edits. It may work for you.

Thanks for your return.

I will be interested to have the link of IPTV recorder that works under Kodi 20 please ?

When you say it crashes at the end of the recording what does that imply? That it is just necessary to restart the application?

This version installs on Nexus. I have to do reboot after it finishes recording.
Thank you I managed to install this version on Kodi 20 on Android.

On the other hand impossible to inform the path of ffmpeg exe in the application.
I downloaded ffmpeg via the link: https://github.com/Khang-NT/ffmpeg-binary-android
I placed it in the Download folder of my Chromecast Google TV at first.
But in Kodi the folder appeared as empty.
I then created a Data folder in which I put ffmpeg exe but Kodi still sees the empty folder.

I guess I must be doing it wrong. Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance.


I finally managed to solve my problem with ffmpeg by placing the file on my NAS. From Kodi it was clearly visible.
However, when starting a recording, it does not work.
I extracted the following log:ridilejiri.kodi (paste)
Does anyone have an idea where the problem could come from?
Is there much difference between iptv recorder and ffmpeg.direct?
(2023-10-01, 01:58)matthuisman Wrote: [ -> ]Is there much difference between iptv recorder and ffmpeg.direct?

I assume you mean ffmpeg from the CLI. Some streams have a token that needs to be generated.