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Full Version: Tweak existing skin to 21:9 or 2.35:1
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i've never played around with skinning, but i would love to get into it for the only reason to make a usable 21:9 or 2.35:1 skin for Home Cinema users with Beamers.

If anyone could guide me or tell me how to get started i would give it a shot. Or even if someone or a few people would be interested in making such a skin with me together.

Thanks in advance

FYI, Kodi's default skin Estuary is already 21:9 aware, as are a couple of other skins. It changes its aspect when a 21:9 resolution is encountered.

The problem for you is probably, that your beamer does not have a native 21:9 resolution. On my 21:9 monitor, Kodi automatically adapts to the aspect ratio.

I'm not a skinner myself so I don't know how to 'trigger' the 21:9 modus on a 16:9 or 16:10 screen (if the solution is really that simple). I can imagine that certain skin objects are aligned from the bottom up, so you might still have your hands full on tweaking.
You're absolutely right !!

One that works for the moment is Scopenox. But nothing is foreseen for Leia. And I would like to start modding once and for all a Skin that will also be maintained over the different Kodi Versions. Be it with Aeon Nox or Estatuary , or Confluence or whatever.
Start by binding a key to ReloadSkin() command as you will be using it a lot!
Copy an existing skin to a new folder and give it a new name and skin id in its addon.xml
Open the skin in kodi (you might need to enable it first in Addons > My Addons > Look and Feel > Skins > Your Skin).
Then start by making small changes to the code and running ReloadSkin() to see the changes.

Have the skinning manual open in a tab in your browser because you will be referencing it a lot:
Skinning_Manual (wiki)

Also, make a custom debug overlay (details are a bit old, but there is an updated version later in the thread) -
129094 (thread)
thanks a lot @jurialmunkey 

i was thinking about trying it out with the Horizon skin. 

Are there any specific places i need to start looking at first ?