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Full Version: Create Favorite from main screen
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Is there a way to save movies and tv shows to favorites from the home screen?

The unwatched movies and random movies come up with movies I’d like to bookmark for later watching, but right clicking them from the home screen does not provide an option to save to favorites. Please add this feature or explain how I can implement this into the skin.
Did I post this question in the wrong section?  I can't even create a favorites link within the 'information' screen of a show or movie!

Why has so many people ignored this thread?
You can add movies to favourites while you are at the movie overview.


To implement that feature to the home screen, I guess you have to implement that at Kodi core and not in the skin. Probably somewhere here:

(2018-04-02, 01:23)Kick4U Wrote: [ -> ]Why has so many people ignored this thread?
The Estuary skin is Kodi's default & system skin, and will not be modified or enhanced with every request. Kodi needs a stable and reliable skin to work at all times.
Looks like @DaVu lead me to the right direction.  The kodi team was having issues with the favorites context menu structure and removed it when creating the "Favorites" menu tab.

Thank you for your help!
Thread marked solved.