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Full Version: Persistent Dialogue Pop up?
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I am amending a skin where on the PVR Guide screen I would like the channel group selection list to be persistent on screen - i.e. when you click on a group the list stays visible instead of disappearing. So far I have got the channel group selection to load when the PVR guide opens by adding '<onload>SendClick(28)</onload>' to MyPVRGuide.xml. What do I need to add and to which skin to make it so that the channel group dialogue persists when a selection is made? Should this go in MyPVRGuide.xml or DialogSelect.xml?
This is not really possible without doing some convoluted hack.
Basically what I am trying to do is add my channel groupings to a list object on the PVR guide screen that is always visible. At the minute I’m doing on open sendclick 28 as discussed previously. Is there anyway of mapping a permanently visible list to the channel groups or is that not possible either?
Unfortunately not possible afaik.