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Full Version: Re-positioning of widget headings.
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Hi Tgx, 
I have been adding some beautiful wallpapers to the skin, but when I add the widgets, most of the wallpaper is covered by the widgets. I really want to add the widgets as I think it adds a bit of class. 
So, what I have done....I have managed to lower the widgets to the point where I can see at least 3/4 of the wallpaper. I also re-sized the widgets slightly. In doing this, I have noticed that the widgets headings stay at it's original position. I have found the correct xml to move the headings, (script-skinshortcuts-includes.xml). Changed the posy code and even changed the font color. 
But every time I load up kodi , I can see the changes have stuck, but as soon as the skin does it's thing with skin building, everything I have done regarding widgets re-positioning and font colors...have gone back to it's original state. I have tried many times. I even tried changing version numbers. Nothing works. 

Is there something I am missing? Can you please shed some light on this. 

Thanx Tgx.
Thanx for answering .... 

I knew, just knew I shouldn't ask questions on here. No help at all.
I have successfully did it. Like usual, I didn't need help after all . But it will be nice to acknowledge peoples questions and comments. From now on...NO more questions. What's the use.
Sorry, I did not get the notification.

Im using aeon nox . I succeeded moving widget 2 at the bottom but cant figure out how to move the header on top looked everywhere hit a brickwall. How did you manage to do It please share . Thanks in advance.

If you are using Aeon Nox, then why are you asking in the Nebula Skin forum?
I looked everywhere online. This is the only source I found. I tried looking in includewidgets.xml found nothing.