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Full Version: how do i change 'list' view when sort by set to 'random'
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Hi all,

I am running kodi v17.6 on a minix u9h and would like some info on modifying the list view.

I have recently setup a random movie category on my home screen. Therefore the "sort by" setting is set to random and I have set 100 as the number of movies to display, so when you click on the category button it takes you to the list view and shows 100 random movies.  But it just so happens that when you change the "sort by" option the info displayed to the right of each of your movie names changes (in the list view, anyway).

So if you sort by "title" you get the year the movie was made which is what I was hoping for with my random category but instead it is changed to the viewer rating ie 6.0 etc. 

A while back I modified the list view to display the viewer rating below the cover pic so I'd really like to set the random option to just display the year the same as the title option.

Hopefully that all makes sense, I can't seem to attach a pic to further describe what i'm trying to do.  But anyway, can anyone point me in the direction of the xml and code that I need to change. I just can't seem to find it.

any help will be greatly appreciated.