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Full Version: Some issues i have with Kodi on my Xbox One S Maybe someone knows a solution.
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Hi all, I have been a proud and very satisfied user of XBMP, XBMC, and now KODI, since 2003. Always on a original Xbox, until the end of 2017. Because since last black friday, i bought a Xbox One S, mainly because i heard, Kodi was comming to it. And my original Xbox REALLY started to show it's age Smile

First off, a big thank you goes out to team KODI ! For all these awesome years of service, you guys ROCK !.

A coulple of months ago, i copied all my video files, from my original Xbox, to a External USB 3.1 HD, for use with my Xbox One S, in combination with Kodi.

I have run into some issues, maybe these are bugs, or maybe i might be missing something. (Eventhough i am a long time user, i don't know that much about technicall aspects.)

(Note: So far, i have used Kodi only for files on my external HD.)

(I use the (updated) KODI version, which is in the store for everyone, i am no insider.)

The first issues are: When i open a video, on my external HD, in a folder with only a couple of files, like about 10 video files or so, the folder opens fairly fast. When i start a video in this folder, they also start fairly fast, and i have no real issues.

But, my "Music Video" folder contains about 1000+ music video's, when i open this folder, it takes a pretty long time to load, everytime i acces it. But when i select a video to play in this folder, the video file, takes about 60 to 70 seconds, before it starts playing. Why does this happen ? It also seems that Kodi has a real struggle in making "thumbs" for all the video files. (Could be there are also thumbs from XBMC (Version 2015.) from my original Xbox, don't know if this gives any problems.) It really really takes a long time, for a picture of the video file to show up on the left of the screen. When there's one made, it stays there, but it take's a really long time. I opened this folder a couple of times, but for the 1000+ files, i think there are only 6 pictures (thumbs) made. But my main issue is, that it takes a really long time to open a video file, in a folder which has a lot of files in it.

My second issue, is that i cannot acces, my External Hard Drive, when i have no internet. When i have no wifi (which is allot.) i simply cannot acces my files on my external HD. It would be really nice to be able to acces my video files which are stored locally, when i have no internet.

Some messages i get, when trying to acces my offline files from my external HD, when i have no wifi are:


"Loading Directory"

Nothing happens, and i can only press cancel.

When i try it via "Files", it shows, my "Xbox External HD", when i try to acces it, it gives me the following message:

"Remote Share"
"Could not connect to the network server"

Nothing happens.

When i try it trough Videos, it says:

"Loading Directory"

Again nothing happens, and i can only press cancel.

None of this happens when my Wi Fi (connection) is up, and i can browse my external hd freely.

I really hope there's a solution, or that this will be fixed in the future.

For now, keep up the good work, you guys made (make) life a bit easier. Thank you all, for all these years of awesomeness Smile

Kind Regards.
Thanks for report, unfortunately, Kodi believes that an external HDD/USB is a network resource and when network is absent doesn't allow to open it. This will be fixed.
(2018-03-28, 15:14)afedchin Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for report, unfortunately, Kodi believes that an external HDD/USB is a network resource and when network is absent doesn't allow to open it. This will be fixed.

Glad i could help ! Looking forward to the next update. I also hope the issue with slow loading directories, and slow loading video files, from an external HD, when there are allot of video files in one directory, will be fixed. But all in good time offcourse. Keep up the good work !.