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Full Version: Xbox One X - SMB Share
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So I just got an Xbox One X and want to set up Kodi on it.

My only problem is, is that I have all my content on a 8TB single bay MyCloud and Kodi on Xbox One X does not offer SMB.

What is the alternative to get my content to work in Kodi?
The first version of the SMB addon will be available in test builds from today.
You guys are actually so helpful. The fact you dedicate your time to help members of the Kodi community is amazing. Everytime I ask a question, it gets answered in some way. These forums are amazing and the Kodi team is awesome!

Side note: Will try NFS when I get home, but the website does say NFS is not available on single bay drives, YET it says that NFS is applied to my product at the bottom of the page via the serial code?. I will also try SMB when I get home.