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Full Version: Music falters when I play it through my nas
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Hello everyone,

I have a Qnap nas and there's a lot of music on it. When I play it thru my Popcorn Hour it doesn't falters, but when I play it via my Kodi on my Sony TV it falters. The strange thing is that movies and pictures working great without any faltering. It doesn't matter which extension it is. 

I already tried to reinstall Kodi.

Does anyone know why it's so faltering?

I hope faltering is the English word for it....google translate said that's the word. In dutch it is: haperen. 

I hope someone can help me out. 

Hello @rbeijers

You will need to provide a Debug_Log (wiki). The instructions are in my signature. Use the Basic method. Once you have enabled debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging, restart Kodi then replicate the problem. In your case, try to play the music. Once done upload to https://pastebin.com/ or https://paste.ubuntu.com/ and link back here. Note: Full logs only. No partial or redacted logs
@Karellen. Thanks for your help! This is the link with the log. I hope I did it the correct way. Please let me know. The faltering starts at the second song:

I have no issues with this using a NAS and Gigabit networking.

I am using an NVidia shield. Perhaps its the slow processor in your Sony TV? Don't forget video is probably hardware accelerated with a seperate chip.
I think it will be a little strange that my tv Sony KD-55X8505C has a slow processor. Everything is working great, only the music doesn't. Is the chip for the video different than with playing music with Kodi?? Can I do something to prevent the faltering?
The Sony TVs are well known to have a very slow processor. And yes video decoding is entirely seperate and I think hardware based. Music is not.

Try it on a computer or laptop and see if it makes a difference.
Do you mean to install Kodi on my laptop?